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"Working with patients one on one in their home or office allows me to provide them with the care and attention they deserve in a place where they feel most comfortable.  I believe in taking the time to listen to each patient in order to understand their goals and help them reach their fullest functional potential. " 

-Rebecca Gerber, MSPT


Physical therapy in the comfort of your home

Bringing Quality Care to You


"In our current environment, it is extremely unusual to find someone who is a consummate professional and a compassionate human being.  Should you need a great physical therapist who will be sure you achieve your goals, look no further than to Rebecca Gerber. She has worked wonders for me, which has not been easy, and I am eternally grateful.  It is an honor to state this publicly, and I am sure you will find the same if you choose to work with her."

-Bobby Juliano

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